Realm Task (formally known as ABM Marketing Enterprise) consist of 5 major parts; promotions, graphics, music, photography, and sound. We have provided services for over 20 years and help gross millions of dollars for our clients. We are in the business of making your company or brand look good (Graphics). Quality is our priority! We spend countless hours making sure your company or brand gets the exposure it needs to potential customers with our unique promotions, blogging, and various marketing tactics. We also have over 20 years experience in audio engineering, live music, radio mix shows, promotional mixtapes, studio mixing, remixing, and entertainment fields. And with quality being our priority, we provide high-end audio equipment rental solutions for your events. Contact us Now and let’s work together!

A Company’s Best Friend

For over 20 years Seven Holland, founder of Realm Task (formerly known as ABM Marketing Enterprise) has used his creativity, willingness, hard work, competitiveness and talents to successfully provide services to client by putting together successful events, creating catchy visuals (Graphics) to help draw customers, electrified crowds all over the world musically (Disc Jockey/Mixes), has helped engineer countless studio projects as well as helping out bands, and has had the ability to draw large crowds with his unique way of promoting and reaching out to the community in person or through social media.

       Our company started with our Founder (Seven Holland) wanting to successfully promote and Dj his own events.  He promoted, created flyers, video edited promo videos, and Dj’ed for many companies and promoters which got old very fast (in the beginning) especially when only earning (Dj’ing fees) while they made most of the profits. He then realized that the crowds were responding to his brand (Promotions/Music) therefore he needed to go on his own to earn higher percentages (of the Profits).  His biggest fear and motivation was Dj’ing for events (he was a part of) and (no customers) showing up to dance to his music, which can be embarrassing to a Disc Jocky (Mixer)..  And the pressure of being from NYC always weighed in on him having to always be on (TOP) of his game.

       Seven Holland discovered his niche years ago in New York City promoting and performing at Knicks A-list events, comedy shows, block parties, and house parties.  His unique creativity, work ethics, and experience has always set him apart from the rest.

       Spending most of his teenaged years working for NBA's New York Knicks Basketball team Seven Holland joined the Air Force, and then the Army a year and a half after high school. After medically retiring from the military this (Veteran) decided to go to work for himself full-time!

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